Open Source Projects

Artemis Developer Tools: For REST To GraphQL Migration Testing

An Apollo GraphQL Tool to expedite Developer experience when migrating from REST To GraphQL

Auction Client - Karl Lagerfeld

Silent Auction-to honor the works of the Icon Karl Lagerfeld's work in the fashion industry and in society


Codechella: Music Festival Updates for Mobile

Code Press: A Virtualized News Stand

Filter Out The Fake News and visualize your information in a Virtual News Stand Aggregator from multiple subscribed streams and topics

Verifire-Track California Wild Fires on the Map in Real Time

Verifire-Track California Wild Fires on the Map in Real Time, using React, Socket IO, Maps API

Vote-aire A Decentralized Voting App for Equality

Vote-aire is an Enlightened way of Voting, demonstrated on the the Ethereum Blockchain, with use of IPFS as a way to open the portal to equality through decentralized systems

Oil Rig: An Ethereum Mine

Coming Soon...

Project Red Ether: A Decentralized Development

Coming Soon...

To AIRE is to Human... Production Coming Soon...

The Future is Distributed among the humans

Developer | Futurist | Designer