Welcome to My Digital Ether

Hi There,

My name is Angela, but you can call me Angie. I am a Frontend and Fullstack Software Engineer based in Los Angeles, California. I work predominantly with React, Typescript, GraphQL, Webpack and Progressive Web Apps as well as Node Express, MongoDB, PostgresQL, Travis CI and Docker.


Besides Technology, I am fascinated by philosophy, architecture, design, and I try to live by the idea of applying concepts and patterns from different walks of life and embed those ideas into technology. Growing up, I would often contemplate our existence, the very idea of a void.

I've later reached the conclusion that when you try to understand life, you figure that coding is a much simpler thing to understand . . . I then realized that my aim in life is to push past the edges of reality.

Born and raised in a small bubble of a suburb right outside of Manhattan called Westchester, I quickly moved to Los Angeles after College because deep down I knew that I am a Californian at heart. I wasn't wrong!

Hollywood and the growth in Tech in this amazing city is what excites and inspires me, especially in Media and Politics. My original background is in FinTech and Java, though these days I have become encapsulated by Javascript in the Web, especially with flux architecturural patterns like React and Redux.

I believe that Programming is like an Art form, and Art is what life is all about.

I would also say that I am a futurist, and I like to constantly evolve and reinvent. I believe that we can never be good enough, and we can always do better. I've been quite intrigued by blockchain technology, designing decentralized systems and applications with React, Typescript, GraphQL: merging major Web2 patterns into Solidity Smart Contracts, AssemblyScript and Rust Programming Language. I am excited to see what the future of the decentralized Internet holds and am eager to take that step in joining the movement.

Here are some of the technologies I like using:

  • Javascript(ES6), HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, React, React-Router, React-Hooks, Redux
  • GraphQL, Webpack, Material-UI, Apollo, REST API, Gatsby PWA
  • Node, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Jest, Enzyme, Python
  • BCrypt, JWT, OAuth, Git, Babel, Web Sockets, TravisCI, Firebase, Electron
  • Solidity, Ethereum, Blockchain, Rust, decentralized React Applications

"If you don't like how the table is set, flip that table over"

-"The Underwoods"

in "House of Cards"

"Destruction is a form of Creation"

-"Donnie Darko"

"Life Imitates Art"

-"Oscar Wilde"

"For this life we cannot change"

-"Travis Scott"

in "The Butterfy Effect"

"“I am a fashion person, and fashion is not only about clothes – it’s about all kinds of change"

-"Karl Lagerfeld"

in "The Icon"

"Finish what you started, human."


in "Spirited Away"

"There is Harmony in Everything"

-"Claire Boucher"

in "Grimes Album: Flesh Without Blood"

"Let us advance on Chaos and the Dark"

-"Ralph Waldo Emerson"

in "Self Reliance, The Enlightenment Period"

"To define is to limit."

-"Oscar Wilde"

in "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

Developer | Futurist | Designer